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Aussie Curves: Pattern Clash


So as seen in recent posts, my instagram imbedding is broken as anything.
For this Aussie Curves week, the theme is pattern clash, so after bravely taking the toaster of a camera out again into my poorly lit house, I gave it a go.

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Aussie Curves: Then and Now


Wow okay, so this is a toughie. Mainly because, like a lot of bigger girls/women, I was made to feel afraid of the camera for a lot of my life, and had no photo presence through my childhood. Because of that, most of my journey is in selfies (ha!) though my mid-late teens despite a lot of outfits and style being pretty decent for most of my life. I’ve put together a handful of pictures and will just throw them onto this post. Of course, as always, expect some silliness.

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Aussie Curves: Sparkle


Here we are for another AC week, this week’s theme: Sparkle.
I am not a bling king by any measure. I tend to go for more quirky, kitschy pieces because I am really wary of the borderline where glamorous and tacky kinda overlap. Though, the one sparkly item I could never let go of, my Nonna’s (grandmother’s) vintage earrings.


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