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Alternative Curves: Cult Film


You had plenty money 1922…

Ohhhh yes. Has this been a long time coming! So, I’ve been off the radar for some time now, and I’m making it in here with a sliver of time. Reasons being: Thesis, breakups, breakdowns, the works. But anyway, aside from all that paddycake, here it is and here I am! As Jessica Rabbit, from the classic “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” (sorry I can’t change the dimensions of the video hnng)

It’s not entirely accurate, but I think given the time I could get this absolutely 100%. I feel like I at least nailed the makeup 😉 The dress is CityChic, every time I was around a store I would check the price. Although much more conservative than Jessica’s, I think (for a red dress) it is ultra-flattering.


roger4  roger8rojer5



(and yes, I WILL be refining and perfecting this for cosplay after university graduation for cons and such, because, hell yes).

Alternative Curves: Riot Grrrl!

crossprocess510952253_772985239445239_1227609027993681503_nRiot Grrrl is a movement close to my heart and, as I have mentioned a few times, deep down I do believe I identify strongest with punk ethos. That is, belief in the triumph of free thinking, individual expression, protest and D.I.Y – and of course, punk music. Lucky for me, I’m able to cheap out and use the grainyness of my camera to its advantage for this one, leaving weird crops to bring back the days of film cannisters and over-exposure. AMATEUR LYF.

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Aussie Curves: Pattern Clash


So as seen in recent posts, my instagram imbedding is broken as anything.
For this Aussie Curves week, the theme is pattern clash, so after bravely taking the toaster of a camera out again into my poorly lit house, I gave it a go.

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