___This is why. 

After maintaining my own personal / professional blog  < wordsaboutsomething > ,
I have learned that there is great worth in cataloging growth.

I’ve been working towards getting a fashion blog out for some time now.
I’ve always had a flair in relation to most design, and I think it’s finally time that I branch out and share this mode of exploration with the fashion / fatshion blogging community, as well as connect with what is also on offer.

In this blog I will be posting OOTDs , DIY pieces, Makeup looks and tutorials, AussieCurves Challenges, as well as write-ups and reviews on labels and my journey through self-presentation and on-trend reflections.

The title “One Plus Won” reflects the perspective of a plus-sized design-savvy adolescent, having struggled feeling like a loser. This is a step out of inhibitions and a step into winning.

Thanks for joining me.

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