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Aussie Curves: Pattern Clash


So as seen in recent posts, my instagram imbedding is broken as anything.
For this Aussie Curves week, the theme is pattern clash, so after bravely taking the toaster of a camera out again into my poorly lit house, I gave it a go.

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Interview: Pho Sizzle



Earlier this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacqueline Stewart – lead creative of Pho Sizzle Threads. If you’re in on the plus blogging world, you may have seen Jacqui’s enticing pastel locks flowing through your instagram feed, and if you’re into Melbourne’s upcoming designer scene, you’ll have heard the words ‘Angler Fish?!’ whispered amongst the crowds at the recent Fashion Week runways.


Jaqueline modelling her own Lobster Bolero ($60) & Skirt Combo Read more

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