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Aussie Curves: Sparkle


Here we are for another AC week, this week’s theme: Sparkle.
I am not a bling king by any measure. I tend to go for more quirky, kitschy pieces because I am really wary of the borderline where glamorous and tacky kinda overlap. Though, the one sparkly item I could never let go of, my Nonna’s (grandmother’s) vintage earrings.


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Aussie Curves: To the Max(i) !

ac-03IMG_0560 (280x640)IMG_0583 (349x1024)IMG_0589 (366x1024)IMG_0586 (359x1024)

Something a little strange about me is that the colder the weather, the shorter the skirt. which would mean… the warmer the weather the longer the skirt, right? Correct! It might not seem to make sense, but I can just about say that all of my skirts are either super short and worn with tights OR my skirts are super long and flowy (as seen in the previous AC post ft my green BIB maxi skirt.).

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Aussie Curves Challenge: Headwear (+ tutorial!)

ac-03IMG_0537 (593x640)IMG_0543IMG_0546 (596x640)IMG_0560 (280x640)

So to commence the opening of my new lookbook-ing blog, I’m kicking off with an Aussie Curves challenge for the theme of “Headwear.”

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