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Aussie Curves: Animal Print


I want to quickly share this look I was really pleased with – although the clothes are in the wash so I couldn’t re-create it for this week’s challenge. This outfit was thrown together in memory of TLC’s album ‘CrazySexyCool’ reaching a 20 year anniversary.

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Aussie Curves: Tee Week



Ah the good old tee, swerving in and out of fashion worlds, and too, in and out of my wardrobe. What is it that makes me so vastly indifferent to the tee? Is it the way it clings unless it bags? Is it the way it is printed in support of brand, team, or band – for laughs or for cringes? The thing about the tee is ┬áthat it’s full of never-ending possibilities. Let’s go through some of the great trending tee items on the market these days, and I’ll include my throwback tee submission (from warmer days) in for good measure!
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Aussie Curves – Polka Dots + Uplift

ac-03 IMG_20140605_122227
As you may have noticed, this week I have updated quite a few parts of my blog (lots of planned upcoming posts too, get ready!). Here, in addition to the other most recent published collection of OOTDs, I also add a post from instagram partly explaining why the upkeep flurry, and also my  Polka dots post.

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